Thursday, December 22, 2005

Good, but not that good...

Does this situation seem familiar to anyone?

Copper "45 Union Street?"
Householder "Yes"
Copper "You called us? About the domestic with your husband?"
Householder "I ain't go not husband. I lives here with my 80 year old mother & that's it"...

That's because members of the public ring 999 & say "help, I'm having a domestic at 45 Union Street", then hang up. Now, I'm no expert, but I know that 0121 is somewhere in & around Birmingham, 0207/0208 somewhere around London, etc. - I'm sure local call-handlers can be more specific - which kind of gives you a clue which town they're in. However, when calling from a mobile, your call-handler could be sending someone to their home town, because they live on Union Street, instead of to the domestic 50 miles away.

Moral of the story? Mobiles are good, but they're not that good!!

*Real moral... always say what town you're in & listen clearly to the call-handler's questions!


Blogger Sharon J said...

Having once tried to call the police whilst in the middle of a domestic, let me tell you that giving all the necessary details and listening carefully to instructions/questions isn't easy when you know that the bloke who's hurting you is going to come through the door any minute and hurt you more. I had to put the phone down quickly in the middle of my call because if he'd seen me making it, I'd have been dead before the police even got out of the station! ~Sharon

10:21 AM  
Blogger M2KB said...

Mobile calls are now given with a grid reference on our screens, so in an urban setting we can tell what block of houses you're in, in any given street.

Rural is a bit different, but we can still tell which half of a town you're calling from.

6:29 PM  

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